Case Study: Site Campaigns & Community Events

Software Used
  • Adobe Photoshop
Languages Used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Kongregate ran campaigns several times a year with site-wide takeovers to promote various games or advertiser products. These takeover events would include full-page skins, multiple ad placements, custom rewards, landing pages and home page featuring.

Below is a selection from the many events I was responsible with designing and building. In all cases we were provided with key art, fonts, logos and any marketing copy we were required to include. From there we would create and composite whatever we needed for our designs and write any additional copy.

Super Mario Maker sweepstakes

Game of Thrones Ascent: The Long Night sweepstakes

AdVenture Capitalist $5 GameStop coupon promotion

Game of Thrones Ascent: Blood and Fire sweepstakes

SAS: 4 Kongtonium Strongbox sweepstakes